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From: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Joined: October 19th, 2010

About me: I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means I don't eat meat nor fish, but I do use dairy and eggs (although I'd like to cut down on those). I also try to live sustainable: buying organic and local when possible, not wasting too much food. This may sound pretty idealistic but I'm really just a common person trying to make do :) I love great tasting food and really like to cook & bake. Having dinner with friends & family is one of my favourite ways to spend my time. Favourite food style: Indonesian.

Favorite recipe: Frijoles (Mexican Bean Dish)


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November 14th, 2010

Sweet 'n Spicy Nuts from The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook

Great recipe - easy to make. Can be used in many situations: as a snack, for picnics, bento stash, 'bring a dish' buffet and mezze. Recipe makes a big batch but the nuts keep well for a long time. Recipe... read more >

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Engelse muffins, scones & cakes (orig. Muffins, Scones & Teacakes)

By Anne Wilson
Könemann - 1998

(0 recipe reviews)
owned by 1 my recipe reviews 0

English Tea (orig. Tempting Teatime Treats)

By Anne Wilson
Könemann - 1997

(0 recipe reviews)
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The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook

By Whitecap Books
Whitecap Books - 1998

(1 recipe review)
owned by 7 my recipe reviews 1

Het grote vegetarische kookboek

By Susan Tomnay
Könemann - 1996

(4 recipe reviews)
owned by 2 my recipe reviews 1

Muffins, Scones and Teacakes

Konemann UK Ltd - 1997

(0 recipe reviews)
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Vegetarian Table: Japan

By Victoria Wise, Deborah Jones
Chronicle Books - 1998

(4 recipe reviews)
owned by 1 my recipe reviews 4

World Food Cafe

By Chris Caldicott, Carolyn Caldicott, Carolyn Caldicott, Chris Caldicott, James Merrell
Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd - 1999

(7 recipe reviews)
owned by 8 my recipe reviews 2