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About me: I have always liked to cook, particularly breads, fruits, vegetables, vegetarian, poultry and lamb dishes. After marriage we cooked together progressively more difficult dishes with him doing the meat, grilling and frying, and I did the "dough" and the same type of things I had before. After children we started cooking more simply. After discovering the cause of my frequent migraines was an evolving long list of chemicals and odd ingredients, I began getting back to cooking from basic ingredients, and found I could be well again. I also try to cooking from what I can get in season at the ever present fruit and vegetable stands.

Favorite cookbook: America's Test Kitchen / Cooks Illustrated Books

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February 4th, 2020

Coconut Rice Pudding from Slow Cooker Revolution

I love this dairy-free, delicious rice pudding made with light coconut milk. I leave out the garam masala. It is important to use medium rice. I had been using arborio rice, but it tasted too starchy.... read more >

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Chinese Gourmet

By Rh Value Publishing
Crescent - 1984

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