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October 24th, 2020

Popover Pizza Casserole from Betty Crocker

We enjoyed this, it gets a smiley face. Filling, but could use a can of mushrooms or something thrown in. read more >

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Biggest Book of 30-Minute Meals (Better Homes & Gardens Cooking)

By Better Homes & Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens - 2005

22nd March 2014

Cilantro Chicken Pasta with Tomatoes : page 147

Quite delicious, made because we had some bacon already cooked and penne in the cupboard. The frozen chicken breast in my store comes in 22oz packages, so we have enough of it (and the cilantro, and the French dressing) to make this again, and we will. This gets a smiley face in my book (I have four that I use to rate my recipes -- frowny face, frowny face with "ok" written beside it, smiley face, and smiley face with a tongue sticking out to indicate it was delicious) and it was super easy and tasty.

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21st December 2013

Easy Shepherd's Pie : page 33

I loved this! Saucy, hearty, flavorful, comforting. I made the potatoes in 8 mounds instead of 6 and reduced the servings to 4 instead of 6 because they seemed really small -- so tasty and calories are 452 this way (Dear Cookbook Companies: Enough of this 6 servings jazz. Too hard to split up!). We used Buffalo instead of ground beef because it was on sale at half price and it was just wonderful. The vegetables I used were left over from a party at our house and the veggie trays abounded. I just weighed out 10 ounces and used them instead of the frozen mixed.

This is quickly becoming my favorite cookbook.

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29th November 2013

Rosy Tangerine-Scented Cabbage : page 260

This was a very pleasant surprise. We had a cabbage we needed to do something with, and Thanksgiving was upon us, so I found this recipe and only had to buy the two tangerines and red onion, and since I had to use them all went ahead and added this to the sides table. It was not bitter at ALL, like I expected, and was a nice side to balance everything out. In fact, if you hate cabbage, you may be surprised that you're eating it if you don't know. It's got a nice flavor, more tangerine-y that cabbage-y.

Not sure I'd seek it out again unless I had a red cabbage I needed to use, but it was good. It used up half of my red cabbage so I'll probably make it again. Very tasty.

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5th December 2013

Spicy Turkey & Beans : page 162

Great to use up that last of the T-give turkey! Easy to prepare, better the day after (isn't that always the way with chili?) and hearty. We made it 4 instead of 6 portions, thinking it would be too small, but this was very filling and 6 would have been fine, especially with a salad. Tasty. Would make again.

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