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About me: I am an avid home cook. I am using this site to keep track of my favorite recipes from my cookbook collection.

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October 6th, 2012

Easy Cheesy Chili Chicken from Eating Stella Style: Low-Carb Recipes for Healthy Living

My husband enjoyed this a lot. It was easy enough for a weeknight, but I will have to tweak the seasonings some, as it was just a bit too salty for my tastes. read more >

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The Busy Person's Guide to Preserving Food: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Freezing, Drying, and Canning

By Janet Chadwick
Storey Publishing, LLC - 1995

5th July 2011 (edited: 8th October 2012)

Freezer Pickles : page 124

This makes a very sweet bread-and-butter pickle reminiscent of the kind my grandma always had on her table. Note that 2 quarts of raw cucumber slices reduce to 1 quart of pickles after chilling overnight in the brine. It remains to be seen how well these freeze and thaw out.

Updated: They did very well after thawing. Next time, I will freeze in smaller batches, though.

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