Pi day 2014
  • Its two weeks out, and I am wondering if anyone else is thinking about this yet. I have some real challenges this year. My 18 yr old math-wizard son will hear whether he is accepted at MIT on pi day, at pi-o'clock, but he is also getting his wisdom teeth out that morning. Soft food only, and not knowing if it will be a joyful celebration or an additional pain pill followed by sleep, makes planning challenging. Of course, its OK if MIT rejects him, he is already accepted to several great places .

    I'd love to hear about everyone's plans, and also if you have suggestions for very soft Pi day food.
  • Great idea to start thinking about that! How cool that your son applied for MIT (I'm crossing my fingers), but poor him, I hope all goes well at the dentists. Maybe a vegetarian pie? Any soft fruit pie? Or chocolate - chocolate works for both celebration as well as consolation?

    I haven't decided yet which pie I'll make, but DH and I agreed that for a true pi(e), all ingredients should be round. Hmm, carrots, peas, leek?
    Which makes me think of Square Root Day coming up on 4/4/16 - that'll be fun! :)
  • Actually, isn't it Month of Pi this year? 3-(20)14? And Perfect Pi Day next year, 3/14/15?
  • Right you are -- and great idea on the chocolate pie.
    The MIT admission is a nail-biter for sure, but I think all will be OK even if not accepted (Cambridge and Stanford acceptances already received). The difficult thing will be affording it - 60K/yr, or more.
  • I'm having fun poking through books, looking at pie recipes. Because I'm so longing for spring (8 to 12" of snow predicted for tomorrow), I'm thinking about asparagus and eggs and ham in some sort of pastry. And I have rhubarb I chopped and froze when it was in season....
    QS, fingers crossed for your son--and for a grant or something--the costs really are staggering.
    How about mousse? Chocolate and white chocolate or, with St. Patrick's day coming, avocado mousse?
  • Pi day is nearly here, and my oven is nearly unplugged. Ahhhhhhhh
  • Oh no! Make the pie today, eat it tomorrow?

    I still have leftovers I need to get rid of tomorrow, and I was hoping to make this pie for dessert: ww.davidlebovitz.com/2014/02/red-wine-poached-pear-tart-recipe/ (I've already indexed it) but I forgot to buy the pears early enough to let them ripe! We might just celebrate Pi day on Saturday instead...
  • How about baking the leftovers in a pie?
  • Harissa-marinated chicken wings in a pie? Hmm, not sure about that... Actually the chicken wings aren't even baked yet, which is precisely the reason why I need to use them no later than tomorrow. It's this recipe. I was hoping to take a photo of it as it's the cover dish, though it would probably not count towards the March challenge as I've already cooked plenty of recipes from that book, and because it's not even the first time I made this recipe
  • I managed to get a chocolate cookie crust made, and will prepare the chocolate filling tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your pies. this year we also get to sing - my daughter's teacher gave them lyrics for pi day songs (sung to christmas carols).
  • QS, how was your son's pi day? Hope it wasn't too bad at the dentists? And was there any happy news from MIT (any that you want to share)?
  • Thanks for asking -- he is doing surprisingly well in the tooth arena. Wait-listed at MIT, not as bad as a rejection, but not what he hoped. But he is already accepted at Stanford, Cambridge, and Univ. Chicago, so he has plenty of great choices. More schools still have not sent their letters, so the next couple weeks will be very interesting. Us parents are hoping that some school will want him enough to offer some $$ incentive.
  • As a Pi Day celebration, my wife attempted to convert Alton Brown's Mooless Chocolate Pie (http://www.cookbooker.com/recipe/5569/moo-less-chocolate-pie) into a Key Lime pie. The trick, basically, is to use blended tofu in place of custard.

    It did not go well. Our suspicion is that this just won't work; the lime juice is going to denature the protein in the tofu and the mouthfeel will just always be off. (It also weeps like a broken meringue, horribly.) But if anyone has adapted the "Mooless" technique for another pie, we'd love to know. (Maybe something like banana cream?)
  • I prepared a similar custard using a Mark Bittman recipe - which your comment made me realize I had never reviewed until this morning:
    I also made a lemon version - though not strongly lemon flavored - here is an on-line version: http://www.cookbooker.com/recipe/34518/dairy-free-lemon-cremes-with-oat-thyme-crumble

    Anyone else know of a similar recipe?
  • I have had a lot of luck doing mousses with avocado and chocolate and then a nut milk or coconut milk (not the thick canned stuff with the additives) and using that to fill tarts or cream puffs or just to do a pretty glass of mousse.
    Btw, I ended up doing the old stand-bys for Pi Day: Apple, Pecan and Lemon Meringue.
  • Louise Hagler's Tofu Cookery has a recipe for Lemon Pudding, to be eaten as pudding or put in a baked pie shell.
    Blend in a food processor or blender until smooth and creamy:
    1 lb tofu
    1/4 cup oil
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/8 tsp salt
    6 tbl lemon juice
    1/2 tsp vanilla

    I haven't tried this recipe, but this is the go-to book on tofu imho, so I'd definitely give it a try.
  • This is from Science News, not your regular recipe site. It's Janet Raloff's Chocolate Medicinal Mousse Pie. I've had big complements on this.

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