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Einfach Hausgemacht

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Balsamico-Linsen mit Lachs reviewed by friederike from Autumn, 2017

12th October 2017

The idea is very nice, the execution - just awful! So many details are wrong with this recipe, nearly all of them a question of quantity and proportion. First of all, the marinade for the salmon consists of 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 tsp honey and 3 (!!) tbsp...
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Greek Minced Meat Casserole / Griechischer Hackfleischauflauf reviewed by friederike from Autumn, 2017

8th October 2017

One-pot dish that you can easily prepare in advance; just follow the recipe, but stop before adding the yoghurt, pasta and feta. Too bad I only realized this after I had already added the pasta; (possibly) as a result, the pasta came out slightly overcooked...
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