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Recent Reviews

Salmon with Tomato and Lime Salsa reviewed by friederike from November, 2009

11th October 2013

I quite liked it, DH was less enthusiast. The salsa was nice and easy to prepare, though I didn't taste any chilli (not that I really missed it, but DH did). DH complained that in general the salsa didn't have much oomph - it wasn't hot, it wasn't tangy,...
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Summer Spaghetti reviewed by friederike from July, 2011

15th June 2011

This dish looked great (hey, it's the cover dish!), but tastewise it was slightly bland, mainly due to the fact that there was little texture to bite. Both the chorizo and the tomatoes lost a lot of liquid/oil, and even though I only used a bit of those...
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Slow-cooked onion and cider soup with Gruyère toasts reviewed by friederike from November, 2009

18th November 2010

Well... it was okay, but I suspect that that's due to the nature of any onion soup rather than to this specific recipe. First of all, it was pretty sweet and slightly bland, but then it also lacked a pleasant texture. The former can be tackled by adding...
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Classic Moussaka reviewed by friederike from March, 2010

6th March 2010

In a way you could call this the Greek version of Lasagna - a casserole with minced meat, tomatoes and white sauce, only that it contained aubergines and no pasta (I have seen many different recipes though – some included potatoes instead, others used...
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