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Complete Vegetarian. Over 300 Healthy And Wholesome Recipes Chosen From Around The World.
By Nicola Graimes ( Ed )
Anness - 2003
ISBN: 1844772446

By Nicola Graimes
Barnes & Noble - 2003
ISBN: 0760749531

Complete Vegetarian

Tomato and Lentil Dhal with Toasted Almonds

Page 247

Cuisine: Indian | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: tomatoes almonds nuts lentils coconut curry storage red lentils

Recipe Reviews

17th April 2011

friederike from Berlin,

I substituted the yellow mustard seeds with coriander seeds, and used only two tomatoes instead of five, and less juice than instructed (half a lime instead of two).

It was very delicious, although it wasn't quite what was described. It had a tendency to burn, and I had to stir it every 10-15 minutes to prevent it from going wrong, and I had to add extra liquid. It didn't really need 2 1/2 hrs. for cooking, so we ate it after 1 1/2 hours (read the cooking instructions on the lentil packaging), and although we served it with a warm naan bread p.p., it was rather a light meal instead of the 'filling supper' that was promised.

Nevertheless, it was very delicious, and I'll surely make it again, either as a light vegetarian meal, or as side dish for Indian food. The coriander seeds were a good substitute, although I would crush them first before adding.

Crosspost. Exactly the same recipe also appears in The Slow Cooker Cookbook, only that the title differs slightly, it's Coconut, Tomato and Lentil Dhal with Roasted Almonds.

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