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marie claire - Snacks & Drinks.

Trout and Cucumber Canapés / Forellen-Gurke-Canapés

Page 134

| Course Type: Appetizers

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Tags: cucumber fish finger food smoked fish cookies oats oatmeal borrel savoury cookies

Recipe Reviews

24th September 2011

friederike from Berlin,

I wondered whether I was doing anything wrong - instead of 24 cookies I managed to get approximately 16 large and 30 small/bite-sized cookies out of the dough. I noticed that the dough made with oat flour dried out quickly and this influenced how thick you were able to roll out the dough - but in the end this didn't matter at all. They were really easy to prepare, and with a little parmesan or at least sea salt you could probably also serve them as crackers in their own right. Especially heart-shaped ones :)

The smoked trout cream was very delicious, and the whole combination just came together really well. A really good choice, and well worth the extra work!

Served as part of a buffet for eight, together with Nectarines with Ricotta and Parma Ham, Papaya Salad, Aubergines with Sweet Harissa, Beef Canapés and Roquefort in Belgian Endive Leaves.

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