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Sweet Potato Sformato


Cuisine: Italian | Course Type: Appetizers

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12th October 2011


This dish is very tasty and a different way to use up sweet potatoes. A sformato is similar to a souffle, minus the whipping of egg whites. I only had a half pound of sweet potatoes so I made 1/3 recipe and used one whole egg since it's not really reasonable to use 1/3 of "2 eggs + 1 yolk". It worked out just fine, so if you wanted to make the whole recipe you could probably just use 3 eggs and save yourself the trouble of separating out the one yolk. Also, I have no issues with gluten so I just used ordinary all-purpose wheat flour rather than rice flour.

It was still a bit time consuming to make the bechamel sauce, so it isn't a recipe I would recommend if you're looking for something quick.

Microwaving the potatoes was a good shortcut, but be careful. The recipe recommends 9-12 minutes in 3 minute intervals. I have a 1600 watt microwave and small potatoes so I did 2 minute intervals and the potatoes were a bit overcooked after 4 minutes.

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