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Meine Landküche

Sep/Oct, 2011

Würziger Kürbis-Brot-Auflauf mit Bergkäse

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Cuisine: German/Austrian/Swiss | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: pumpkin cheese bread gratins and casseroles casserole

Recipe Reviews

15th November 2011

friederike from Berlin,

Just not worth the effort. I thought it would be a casserole, but actually it was more of a savoury pumpkin and cheese bread pudding.

My first issue with this recipe was the bread, as they didn't suggest using normal bread but required a specially baked loaf of pumpkin bread - only to make you cut it up and use it in this dish. Why should you do that? Why not just use leftover slices, and eat the freshly baked bread seperately? And who actually has the time to bake bread from scratch for a cooked dinner? Obviously, I just used normal, store-bought bread.

Then the proportions seemed quite off. I used about a third loaf of bread, and more than double the amount of pumpkin listed - after all, it's the pumpkin that's the most important ingredient in this dish. I also reduced the amount of cheese, though I later on figured that it could use a little more cheese.

However, in the end that didn't really matter. The bread was soggy, and the pumpkin and the cheese just seemed coincidental ingredients.

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