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Nigella Christmas: Food Family Friends Festivities
By Nigella Lawson
Chatto & Windus - 2008
ISBN: 9780701183226

Nigella Christmas: Food Family Friends Festivities

Amaretto sour

Page 7

| Course Type: Beverages

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Tags: cocktails

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21st November 2011

redjanet from London,

Having recently rediscovered this cocktail, one of my favourite drinks back in college, I wanted to recreate it at home as Amaretto is a liqueur I almost always have in the house. All this consists of is amaretto and lemon juice. I have to admit, I didn't exactly follow Nigella's measurements exactly and came up with a drink that was probably too strong on the sour and even stronger on the amaretto, but I liked the sharp contrast of sweet and sour and will be making this again. Now I need to find some maraschino cherries to complete the recipe properly.

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