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Culinaria Spain

Tarta de Santiago

Page 248

Cuisine: Spanish/Portugese | Course Type: Cakes

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Tags: almonds pastry shortcrust pastry sweet pastry cakes and pies with nuts

Recipe Reviews

9th January 2012

friederike from Berlin,

Very delicious!

I had some problems with the short crust pastry (as usual). It didn't seem to come together that easily, but remembering this pastry, I ignored the suggestion to add some milk, and time proved me right.

I did, however, leave it in the fridge for several hours instead of 30 minutes, so when I wanted to roll it out, it was much too hard. That wasn't really a problem, I had the time to let it get to nearly room temperature again. It was still quite hard but manageable when I started rolling it out, but when I finished, it was not only soft but also very sticky. I had to roll it out again, using a lot more flour this time.

Once I had filled the spring form pan with both the pastry and the filling, I considered cutting away the part of the pastry that stuck out (ca. 2 cm). I'm glad that I didn't as the filling rose and the pastry shrank, and in the end it came out just perfect.

The pastry had a distinctly eggy flavour - if you don't like that, just use another recipe for sweet shortcrust pastry. Other than the pastry, it was absurdly easy.

I used this template for the decoration - just place it on the cake, dust with icing sugar, carefully push the icing sugar on the cross aside and remove the paper cross with some tape.

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