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July, 2009

Spiced Prawn and Coconut Pilaf

Page 39

| Course Type: Main Courses

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23rd March 2010

friederike from Berlin,

Slight disappointment. I had expected something as good as the Vegetable Pilau I hade made a few months ago, but this dish tasted quite disbalanced. DB compared it to an orchestra that made sufficient noise (read: was tasty/aromatic enough), but that noise wasn't guided properly as to produce a nice harmonic tune.

Granted, we had to use tomato purée instead of real tomatoes because BF had secretly eaten them up (all of them!), and then (whisper) he actually used the whole double-sized tin (140g)!! Consequently, the dish tasted too much of tomato purée, a slightly sour taste, but also the taste of the curry (we used mild madras) or perhaps the tumeric was too strong. Halfway through the meal we had the idea to add some rasped coconut to balance the spices a little more, which worked a little.

Next time we´ll definitely use fresh tomatoes, even if that means going out to the store again, and cut the curry and tumeric by half, and then see how it goes. I do believe that the basic idea is very nice.

Oh, by the way, would you like to try it out for yourself? Get the recipe here and post your recipe here.

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