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Home Cooking Series: Eat Well, Winter 2012, 2012   1
40 Chicken Recipes October, 2011   1
Home Cooking Series: Quick Suppers Autumn, 2011   1
Quick pasta: 40+ Simple Recipes August, 2011   1

Recent Reviews

Raspberry Bakewell cake reviewed by Kestrel from August, 2009

15th August 2018

This cake is really fantastic and it's one of my favourite quick cakes. I first made it when I had a lot of blackberries from the garden and decided to make this cake and substitute them for the raspberries. The resulting cake was really good as it was...
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Cheat's chicken Kiev reviewed by redjanet from May, 2012

7th May 2012

This doesn't have the buttery deliciousness of chicken Kiev, but it does have flavour thanks to the parsley and garlic mixed in with the breadcrumbs and the garlic and herb cheese stuffed into the chicken. Quick and easy to make, so a decent midweek meal. This...
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Turkey meatballs in tomato & fennel sauce reviewed by redjanet from May, 2012

2nd May 2012

Found on page 16 of the "40 low-fat recipes" supplement. This is a slightly bland but healthier take on spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs took me a bit longer than expected to cook through and were slightly lacking in flavour, but overall not too...
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Light chicken korma reviewed by redjanet from February, 2012

23rd February 2012

Although a slightly bit more of a faff on a weeknight than I would have preferred, this was pretty successful for a low-fat curry. The sauce was fairly thick and creamy and the ground almonds, sultanas and onions in the sauce gave it texture, though I...
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