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BBC Good Food

May, 2009

Recent Reviews

Green Seasoning reviewed by friederike

6th March 2010

Great seasoning, easy to make. We used half for the Trini Prawn Curry, and froze the other half in ice cubes for the next dish.
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Trini Prawn Curry reviewed by friederike

6th March 2010

Very hot. Taste the sauce before adding that one last chili pepper, it might not be necessary. Goes well with, err, lots of plain rice and a cold beer. Otherwise very delicious, and super quick, especially if you have already prepared the Green Seasoning...
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Roasted Garlic Mash reviewed by friederike

11th January 2010

Basically very delicious, but not tasty enough, I thought. Perhaps that’s the way it should be, with no more but a faint taste of garlic – after all, garlic can be very overwhelming, and mash is a side dish that should rather stay in the background....
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Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken reviewed by friederike

5th January 2010

Quite impossible to cover 4 chicken leg portions with just a little marinade and 125 ml water – you’d have to have a darn perfect fitting pan to manage that. As similar chicken dishes had ended up being slightly dry in the past, I was careful to cover...
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