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BBC Good Food

October, 2009

Recent Reviews

Leek, Cheese and Bacon Tart reviewed by friederike

6th March 2010

Basically this is a variation on my usual recipe of very basic Leek Tart, except that it features soft cheese with garlic and herbs and foregoes the egg-milk-cream mix. On the one hand I like the addition, on the other this might have been the reason...
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Crushed Pea Fish Cakes with Chilli-Lime Mayo reviewed by friederike

6th March 2010

Nice. I would change a few things, but none of them is dramatic. I would probably add an egg (or perhaps two) to make the fish cakes stick better, and I would add more lime zest to the mayonnaise – I tried lime juice instead, but BF complained that...
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Thai-spiced Steamed Mussels reviewed by friederike

15th December 2009

This recipe is nearly identical to the Mussels with Coriander Cream, Thai Style in Olive 101 Quick Fix Dishes, which is why I will cross-post my review here: Mussels are always delicious, and I would probably find it hard not to award a 5 star rating...
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One-pan baked Chicken with Squash, Sage and Walnuts reviewed by friederike

8th December 2009

The good news: it's incredibly easy to prepare (just throw everything into a roasting tin and you're nearly done), it's beautiful and distinctly autumnal (it's the cover dish, for that matter), and BF and my guests last night loved it. The bad news:...
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