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October, 2009

One-pan baked Chicken with Squash, Sage and Walnuts

Page 56

| Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: chicken pumpkin roast chicken walnuts sage cover dish whole roast chicken pumpkin with sage

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8th December 2009

friederike from Berlin,

The good news: it's incredibly easy to prepare (just throw everything into a roasting tin and you're nearly done), it's beautiful and distinctly autumnal (it's the cover dish, for that matter), and BF and my guests last night loved it.

The bad news: I didn't. I was a bit disappointed because the flavours of the ingredients didn’t come together. What the sense of that? I thought cooking was the art of combining ingredients and creating something new. Instead, the chicken tasted like chicken (like a very tender chicken, though), the squash tasted like squash, the walnuts tasted like walnuts, and the sage, well, the sage was burnt and didn’t give off any flavour at all.

Edited to add:
The recipe is available online here. You can also review it here.

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