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BBC Good Food

September, 2011

Recent Reviews

Crunchy Cauliflower, Apple and Blue Cheese Salad reviewed by friederike

7th October 2011

DB had this as a lunch box salad this week, and he didn't really get the idea behind it. On one hand you had the crunchy, uncooked cauliflower, on the other the strong blue cheese; neither of the two combined with the other nor took up any of the dressing.
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Roast Pork with Apples and Mustard reviewed by friederike

29th September 2011

It's not exactly the first dish with Pork and Apples (and Mustard!) I've been making; and of all four, this one included, three are from the BBC (surprise, surprise!). And it's really not that different. One important difference was the quantity of liquid...
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Maple Pecan Beans reviewed by friederike

29th September 2011

Very simple. I actually quite liked it, though it wasn't really special, but DB thought it was too sweet, and didn't like the sweetness with the beans. Both of us also agreed that the sauce was too liquid, and that it was difficult to eat the pecans together...
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Caramelised Lemon Cake reviewed by friederike

24th September 2011

I only made part of this recipe, the (very impressive looking) topping, and used the recipe of a friend for the rest of the cake. And as I had quite some problems with the instructions for the topping, I was actually quite glad I could rely on my recipe...
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