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The Best Vegetable Recipes (Best Recipe Classics)


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9th February 2009

andrew from Vancouver Island, BC

There are lots of latkes recipes out there, and I've tried a few of them. Many are disappointing - it's not always easy to make them relatively ungreasy and also cooked properly throughout.

This recipe works. I think there are two secrets - the first is the use of a food processor to cut 1/3 of the shredded potatoes and all of the onion into smaller pieces which cook faster. The second is collecting and reusing the thick potato starch which drains out when you squeeze the shreds. I don't (forgive me) use matzo meal, but the starch holds everything together just fine.

Okay, three secrets: the last being getting the right amount of oil to the right temperature and draining them on a sufficient thickness of paper towel. They freeze very well and I revive them by cooking them briefly in a dry frying pan - the residual oil comes out when they heat up.

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