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Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen: Capturing the Vibrant flavors of a World-Class Cuisine

Ripe Plantain Turnovers with Fresh Cheese Filling

Page 102

Cuisine: Mexican | Course Type: Main Courses

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27th May 2012

Peckish Sister from Central, FL

You have to try these if you even considered doing them at all. But before you buy your plantains, read the directions! In the past I have cooked with ripe plantains and many times they weren't ripe enough, so I know to go with the ones that are black and look rotten. No so here, they should be yellow with some black. So luckily I had two like that and chose for the third one, the most firm. I also miscalculated on time, as there is a 45 minute plantain roasting stem, then they have to completely cooled. Pureeing them in the food processor also did not go smoothly as the plantains had become somewhat dried during roasting, but after I added the flour to the food processor, it made the most wonderful smooth dough that was so easy to work with. I had cut the half of the cheese wheel into four wedges, then each wedge into three slices. I did not bother with forming them into the right-sized shape, but crumbled them just before putting them on the dough, and it was easy to put the crumbles into the right shape. I don't have a tortilla press, so just rolled the dough into a rough circle. My husband and older son did a great job of frying, but they did come out a little dark with the riper plantain. However, this is why they were so excellent and sweet. By the time they were done, it was long after dinner time, but they were very popular. I like them with just a little salt and no one bothered with salsa, they were so good plain. The cheese was so much a part of the empanada; you had to look at what you were eating to know it was there. Mine were not much to look at, but for flavor - amazing!

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