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Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts

Honeyed Buttermilk Ice Cream with Corn Bread Gravel

Page 48

| Course Type: Desserts

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14th August 2018


If you like honey you will love this one. That said, make sure you love the honey you use because that is by far the predominate flavor and it is strong. This is wonderful on top of tart apple pie or other less sweet desserts. In fact I found the custard base to be pretty sweet and would perhaps cut the honey a bit next time or even use an avocado or mild buckwheat honey that is less cloying than the local wildflower variety I used. I cut the sweetener (you guessed it, honey!) back to 1/4 cup in the Honey Cornbread Gravel, making it my new sweet/salty addiction! This really helped balance the flavor of the finished ice cream. Also, the author used turmeric "for color" which is unnecessary and adds an odd flavor here. I will certainly try this again with the subs mentioned above because I did think the flavors of the tart buttermilk, salty cornbread and honey played extremely well together.

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