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Honey & Co: Food from the Middle East
By Itamar, Packer, Sarit Srulovich
Saltyard Books - 2014
ISBN: 144475467X

Honey & Co.: The Cookbook

Potato Bread

Page 61

Cuisine: Middle Eastern | Course Type: Breads

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27th September 2021


Hmm.. So my dough was nothing as described - mine was only slightly tacky and that was without the second addition of flour, needless to say I did not add the final 3/4 cup. I can only guess that there perhaps is a mistake in the recipe, particularly in the amount of water - 1/3 cup only weighed about 76 grams not 150. I may try this again with 150 grams water which sounds more appropriate for the "gloopy, sticky" dough described in the recipe. Also this calls for a lot of yeast which could probably be decreased. This is a fussy recipe with 2 additions of flour, the three rest/rise/proof periods and the fiddling with the oven temps (475, 425 then 375). What I do like is the crusty exterior and soft crumb of the interior, very good flavor (from the olive oil) and the shape/size (it is cooked in an 8 inch cast iron pan).

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