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The Pasta Machine Cookbook (A Nitty Gritty Cookbook) (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks)

Scarborough Tomato Sauce

Page 146

| Course Type: Sauces/Gravies

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8th February 2017


Think parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

A tasty sauce, with somewhat odd directions. The headnote says: "For a low fat version, sauté the onions in a nonstick pan or one that has been coated with vegetable spray." But the recipe instructions just have you dump all the ingredients in a pan and simmer, not sautéing of anything. So, following Marcella Hazan's famous recipe, I first sautéed the onions in a bit of butter, then dumped everything in and simmered till my pasta was ready.

I used one cup (8oz) of home-made tomato purée instead of a 28oz can or Italian tomatoes, and made about a half recipe. We had main-course two servings of tagliatelle, which were a bit over-sauced; it would certainly serve three, and might even have made four. The full recipe, with more than three times the tomatoes, says it serves 4-6. That pasta would be swimming in sauce.

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