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Scott's Roasted Cod, Arrocina Beans, Chorizo and Pádron Peppers


Cuisine: Spanish/Portugese | Course Type: Main Courses

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18th June 2017

friederike from Berlin,

Several things went wrong for us: the beans never cooked properly, there weren't enough of them, the garlic ended up being burnt, the chorizo was too strong in flavour, and the parsley wilted. Most things are probably nuestra culpa, except for the quantity of the beans and the wilting of the parsley.

100 g of dried beans just isn't enough for four servings, unless you're serving fine dining serving sizes with a starter and a dessert, and possibly a few dishes inbetween.

And why were we supposed to add the parsley to the frying pan - together with the garlic and other ingredients - and then cook it for another minute? That can't be right.

It's a nice dish, very delicious if you ignore the issues we had, prepares well in advance and is easy to serve nicely - and the padron peppers are a great talking point; did you know that apparently they are just normal mild small peppers, except for the fact that one or two out of ten will be really really hot?

Edited the next day:
Fry the ingredients added during step gently, and you'll end up with a great dish. Upgraded to 5 stars.

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