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Grilled Cauliflower ‘Steaks’ with Tonnato Sauce and Walnut Salsa reviewed by kaye16

9th July 2019

This was a light dinner; would be good as a starter, as Ottolenghi suggests. DH thought the tastes of the tonnato sauce (the bottom layer) and the salsa conflicted; I thought they were fine together. He also said he'd like the salsa in/on an omelet or...
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Leek tomato and butternut croustade reviewed by Kestrel

8th March 2018

This looked interesting so I decided to give it a try, never having cooked any of this author's dishes before. A quick crust is made using breadcrumbs, cheese, and seeds. It is then pre baked and a filling of leeks, herbs, tomatoes, and butternut squash...
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Scott's Roasted Cod, Arrocina Beans, Chorizo and Pádron Peppers reviewed by friederike

18th June 2017

Several things went wrong for us: the beans never cooked properly, there weren't enough of them, the garlic ended up being burnt, the chorizo was too strong in flavour, and the parsley wilted. Most things are probably nuestra culpa, except for the quantity...
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Lemon Curd reviewed by friederike

22nd September 2015

Years ago I read that the subconscious will often not pick up the negation if a sentence contains the word 'not'. So a sentence like, for example, 'sugar is not healthy'... is not quite the way you should put it. But I disgress (the example above was...
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