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365 Ways to Cook Pasta
By Marie Simmons
HarperCollins Publishers - 1988
ISBN: 0060158654

365 Ways to Cook Pasta

Fettuccine with Chicken Livers, Tomatoes, and Bacon

Page 92

Cuisine: Italian

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26th August 2017


Really yummy. I'm not a chicken liver person, but this was good.
- Had 285g of chicken livers, so made a double recipe, out of which we'll get 6 servings rather than 8.
- Bet the bacon should really be pancetta; lardons would work too I think.
- Used some of my frozen tomato purée plus one (big) fresh tomato from the potager.
- Used fresh sage from the garden.
- Thought it needed quite a bit of salt and lots of pepper at the table.
We enjoyed.

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