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Jenny Baker's Cuisine Grandmere: From Brittany, Normandy, Picardy and Flanders

Coq a la biere

Page 182

Cuisine: Dutch/Belgian | Course Type: Main Courses

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30th September 2017

Sovay from Northern England,

I've spent a few holidays in Belgium and always enjoyed the beer-based dishes - particularly the rabbit in beer (to which this recipe could easily be applied). I used an M&S Cornish pale ale I found in the cupboard, not sure how it got there. Flaming the gin was a bit alarming as always, and I over-reduced the sauce slightly but that wasn't the fault of the recipe - just inattention on my part. One thing to bear in mind is not to trim the root end of the little onions too much, as if they don't have a solid base the middle tends to pop out. Also thicker-cut bacon would have been better in this context.

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