A taste of Chinatown
By Joie Warner
Little, Brown/Flavor Publications Book - 1989
ISBN: 0316923311

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A taste of Chinatown

World's Greatest Lemon Chicken

Page 73

Cuisine: Chinese | Course Type: Main Courses

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5th August 2018


This was super yummy. I made a whole recipe (with two kip filets -- aka skinless boneless chicken breast halves) and indeed it serves four people. My two breasts weighed about half of what was asked, so served for two, but we're stuffed.

This was really good. You marinate the chicken overnight or from the morning, and can make the sauce ahead. The frying of the chicken bits is all that remains.

I made the batter as shown. It wasn't thick as described, so I added probably close to another 1/2cup of flour. There was lots left, so it might be better to start with 1/2cup water and work up to a manageable "thick".

Nevertheless, this was wonderful, with crispy chunks of chicken and a delicious sauce.

... Also there's a typo in my book that I had found previously. at the end of the first page, a line is missing. It should read: When hot, add garlic, ginger, black beans, and grated zest.

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