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Tchibo's Apple Pie

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Cuisine: German/Austrian/Swiss | Course Type: Cakes

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Tags: apples pastry cake shortcrust pastry apple pie fruit cakes and pies

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3rd November 2018

friederike from Berlin,

The shortcrust pastry was excellent, the filling was nice, but one thing went wrong pretty badly - it didn't bake at all. The recipe says to bake at 175 C in a convection oven for 45 min, but when I checked, it looked like nothing had changed except for the puddle of juice that had formed at the bottom of the oven. 8 min under the grill at least gave a golden brown colour, but the apples were only lukewarm, neither hot nor cooked, and I had little hope for the dough below. So (once our fish pie had left the oven) I put the apple pie back into the oven, 30 min at 200 C normal oven modus, and it turned out fine, though still wet and soggy at the bottom.

Next time, I'd use
- less apples; say 600 g instead of the original 1 kg
- larger pieces of apple; ie. walnut-sized instead of hazelnut-sized
- half the amount of lemon juice - if using fewer apples, you need to reduce the amount for the filling to 2 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp cornstarch, 2 tbsp sugar
- 30 min at 200 C (which is what nearly all sweet pies do in Angela Boggiano's book Pie)

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