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Stella Parks No Stress Super Flaky Pie Crust


| Course Type: Pies and Tarts

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23rd November 2018


Unsure how to rate this. I didn't choose this recipe because I was worried about making pie crust, pie crust isn't something I stress about, I chose it because I have made several of Stella's recipes successfully and I was looking for an all butter option other than my usual. The crust easily came together and I followed all steps (and the video) to a tee. Worked in my freezing kitchen, chilled all instruments, and chilled the crimped crust thoroughly. After 15 minutes in the oven (following Stella's blind baking instructions) my crust had slid down the sides and was starting to puddle in the pan! Abort! Pulled out the other half of pie crust, rolled, chilled (froze actually), poured in my filling and tried again. When I saw the sides/edges of my crust once again disappearing under my filling I had to do some careful tugging and pressing. Then just let it go - it's just pie. I closed the oven door and told myself whatever happens it will be delicious. 40 minutes later an ugly but delicious pie emerged - tasty filling, flaky but strangely puffed edge on the crust. I know others have had success with this and I will try it again because it is flavorful and flaky, and because I am stubborn;)

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