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Rich & Creamy Beans From Rachel Roddy reviewed by jenncc

16th January 2021

This is comfort food! Lovely recipe/technique for any beans. I love cannellini with sage and garlic, as called for, with a drizzle of pesto or olive tapenade. I categorized this as a side but a bowl of these with a slice of crusty bread makes a very...
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Table Loaf (Sourdough) reviewed by jenncc

2nd January 2021

Very good flavor and texture! I used rye flour for the leaven and whole wheat and bread flour for the dough. I held back some of the water as it was a very wet, rainy day and it was just the right amount of sticky. What this recipe really haas going...
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Sbrisolona reviewed by jenncc

29th October 2020

Sbrisolona Take Two... I made David Lebovitz's recipe earlier this week and thought I would try this one to see how they measured up. Both were delicious and very simple to put together. Both call for butter (softened in this recipe), flour, egg yolks,...
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Peanut Butter and Jelly Mug Cake reviewed by jenncc

7th June 2020

I think this could be really great but 45 seconds in my microwave with the baking powder made this a bit too dry. Next time I will probably not add the b.p. for a more fudge like consistency.
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