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Guayaba Bars (Panetela)


Cuisine: Caribbean | Course Type: Cookies/Bars

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15th February 2019

kateq from annapolis, md

I love these bars! They re so simple and easy to make and the result is so delicious. Using self-rising flour (the formula for which is included in the post) and gauyaba (guava paste) which is found in the Spanish section of the supermarket or in any bodega, it's a mere creaming of sugar and butter, eggs and vanilla. Flour is added--half the dough patted down on the bottom of a 9" square pan. Slices of the fruit paste make uo the next layer. The balance of the dough is patted down to cover. It bakes for about 40 minutes (longer than what is called for in the recipe--could be my oven). Cut into nine squares and dusted with 10x--ready to eat. Yum!

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