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Multigrain Sandwich Bread


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2nd April 2019


Love the hearty texture and flavor of this 100% whole wheat bread. The author (Stella Parks) uses an unconventional but speedy technique to build the gluten in this loaf letting a food processor do the work. Though I really enjoy kneading bread I know a whole wheat loaf can take some time. After reading the many comments/reviews posted and all the troubles people were having I did cut back on the water and oil just a bit (maybe 2 Tablespoons). My dough was still very wet but not impossible to work with. Stella did post an instructional video on her instagram for the whole wheat bread (minus the multigrains) which was very helpful. I made this using an old 12 cup kitchenaid and it definitely got hot which made me worry about not only the motor but the dough, so I had to do the processing a little at a time and may not have developed the gluten to its fullest. All in all I really enjoyed this technique and will certainly make this loaf again.

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