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The Best Blueberry Pie reviewed by jenncc

19th August 2022

Followed instructions to a tee except for using a couple tablespoons extra wild blueberries (thawed from frozen). Cooked 1 hour 15 minutes (as directed) and pie had just hit 213 F. Used Stella's All Butter pie dough recipe for a lattice crust. Last...
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Flour Frosting/ Ermine Frosting reviewed by jenncc

28th November 2021

I used this technique with great success. That said I did use different amounts because I needed more frosting than this makes (but not double). Used this to frost a coconut cake and it was perfect - fluffy, delicious, and perfect for piping. As written...
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American Beef Stew reviewed by kateq

28th October 2021

Best stew ever! Worth all the work.
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Yogurt and Honey Bread reviewed by jenncc

3rd September 2021

While the flavor is very good (slightly sweet), the loaf itself is a little lackluster - it didn't rise much and if your looking for a crusty loaf, keep looking. I don't mind the soft exterior and the tight crumb but I do wish there had been a little...
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