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Yogurt and Honey Bread reviewed by jenncc

3rd September 2021

While the flavor is very good (slightly sweet), the loaf itself is a little lackluster - it didn't rise much and if your looking for a crusty loaf, keep looking. I don't mind the soft exterior and the tight crumb but I do wish there had been a little...
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Honey Roasted Peanuts reviewed by jenncc

21st March 2021

Followed directions carefully and though they were tasty they were nothing like the picture. These ended up more like a peanut brittle. They are addictive but I was hoping to use them in a peanut butter cookie recipe and I am not so sure this will work....
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Paratha Flaky South Asian Flatbread) reviewed by jenncc

21st August 2020

I have made this several times but somehow always forget to review. It is a bit time consuming but with the help of the video it is not difficult, and the results are decadent! Rich, flaky, buttery paratha goes great with many stews, curries and sides....
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Spicy Ful Medames (Fava Beans) with Olive Oil and Chili reviewed by jenncc

29th April 2020

Loved the creaminess of the broth along with the punch of spice and lemon. I grew up with (and often make) a similar bean salad using fava beans (ful) and chickpeas (hummus) but this is a wonderful change in both flavor and texture.
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