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The Great Cooks' Guide to CLAY Cookery

Tuscan Beans Baked with Tuna and Lemon (Fagioli Stufati)

Page 17

| Course Type: Main Courses

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Recipe Review

11th May 2019


First of all, a good way to cook beans. Used my new, used, larger Romertopf. Soaked the beans in the pot overnight, then cooked them with sat two hours and a bit in the oven, with a one-time stir. Perfectly done.

To serve, the beans are mixed with a can of tuna, lemon juice, olive oil, and lots of black pepper. Some sliced red onion prettied it up a bit; some parsley would be nice too.

Contrary to what you usually hear, the beans are cooked with salt, and came out perfectly. Might use slightly less salt than the 2tsps asked.

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