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Brown Butter Bourbon Banana Bread


| Course Type: Quick Breads/Muffins

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3rd May 2020


A little fussy but what else do I have going on right now??
It is moist, delicious and the brown butter / bourbon add great depth of flavor to this loaf. That said, I had about 3 tablespoons bourbon left in the bottle (recipe calls for 1) so I used that (what would I do with 2 T. bourbon anyway?). The sauteed banana pieces were nice but next time I may add another 1/2 banana to the pan. To minimize the dirty pans I browned my butter, then toasted my pecans and lastly sauteed my bananas in the same skillet. This banana bread does not rely on spices for flavor, which I thought I might miss, glad to say this loaf didn't suffer from it due to the nice caramel/vanilla notes and great banana flavor. As with many banana breads this one is even better the second day.

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