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Lora Brody's Rugelach


Cuisine: Jewish | Course Type: Cookies/Bars

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7th December 2010

lemonadesandwich from Woburn, MA

This was an excellent rugelach recipe. I even got a thumbs up from the Jewish grandmother in attendance at the party where I served them.

I did play around with the filling, and ended up making a few variations. I like the cinnamon and sugar combo (although with pecans, as I'm not a walnut fan) in this recipe. My daughter liked the chocolate (just chopped up some chocolate) and my husband liked the apricot cherry jam version.

A bit of effort, and definitely be sure to allow some time for the dough to chill, but well worth it!

My only complaint with this recipe is that the written instructions are way too detailed! I don't need the conversion to grams, the hints at the end are kind of obvious - its sort of written for a toal beginner cook. I had to edit it before I could print it out so that I didn't go crazy!

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