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Baked French Toast with Pecan Crumble reviewed by jenncc

20th January 2020

Everyone really enjoyed this - custardy moist inside with crisp edges and not too sweet. I halved the recipe but used the full amount of pecan topping which gave it the perfect crunch.
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Three Cities of Spain Cheesecake reviewed by jenncc

3rd January 2020

This impressive cheesecake taste great with a truly luscious texture, and was surprisingly easy to put together. I made a gingersnap crust (following the crust directions provided). I did not use all the sour cream topping as it seemed like a lot and...
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Pistachio Shortbreads reviewed by jenncc

26th December 2019

This is a very humble little cookie - simple in flavor and technique (food processor, slice and bake). The dough is firm enough to form perfect little rounds and comes together easily in the food processor. These were enjoyed by all but I think they...
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Salted Butter Apple Galette with Maple Whipped Cream reviewed by jenncc

26th October 2019

This rustic tart comes together easily and is another one of those recipes where the simple ingredients add up to something wonderful. My one complaint is that it can be hard to get all the apple in to the crust but not worth doubling the crust recipe...
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