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Overnight Pizza Dough reviewed by jenncc

22nd February 2021

I have made this several times, sometimes subbing a couple cups wheat flour for the white, sometimes making the dough over three days, and it's always pretty good. The dough is easy to work with (mixer does most of the work) and it results in a crust...
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Roasted Poultry Stock reviewed by jenncc

27th November 2020

I can't always use the drippings when we smoke our turkey and I like to make the stock for the gravy ahead of time. This year I made a half recipe and did not have the wings so just roasted the veggies with the neck and giblets and it came out great...
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Rich Turkey Gravy reviewed by jenncc

27th November 2020

This makes a wonderful gravy. I don't always have drippings (like when we smoke the turkey) and the stock recipe that accompanies this is terrific. The gravy has a bit of apple cider vinegar as well as soy sauce which gives it a depth of flavor.
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British Flapjacks reviewed by jenncc

19th September 2020

These are rich and tasty! A decadent granola bar. You can add dried fruit or nuts but I like them plain.
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