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Roasted Poultry Stock reviewed by jenncc

27th November 2020

I can't always use the drippings when we smoke our turkey and I like to make the stock for the gravy ahead of time. This year I made a half recipe and did not have the wings so just roasted the veggies with the neck and giblets and it came out great...
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Rich Turkey Gravy reviewed by jenncc

27th November 2020

This makes a wonderful gravy. I don't always have drippings (like when we smoke the turkey) and the stock recipe that accompanies this is terrific. The gravy has a bit of apple cider vinegar as well as soy sauce which gives it a depth of flavor.
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British Flapjacks reviewed by jenncc

19th September 2020

These are rich and tasty! A decadent granola bar. You can add dried fruit or nuts but I like them plain.
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True Texas Chili Recipe reviewed by jenncc

8th June 2020

This produces meaty chili in a deeply flavored, rich, silky sauce. It took about 1 hour and half to get the meat super tender and the stock thickened. This was hearty and delicious topped with a sprinkling of cilantro and cheese.
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