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Milk Bread


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2nd January 2021


Another tasty milk bread. This one is not made with a Tangzhong but with heavy cream, milk, egg and sugar, along with the usual bread ingredients, in the usual manner. This produces a decadent bread. My dough didn't seem like enough for 2 loaves so I stuffed it all into a slightly larger loaf pan and left to rise overnight n the fridge. The next morning it had puffed over the rim nicely but certainly wasn't overflowing. Of course it did take longer to bake thru (reaching internal temp of 200 degrees) and I had to cover the loaf with foil after 20 minutes or so. The final product was a rich, soft fluffy, golden loaf. Probably because I used the wrong size pan, but I think this recipe made a slightly denser loaf than the KA websites' Japanese Milk Bread. Will try this again making a loaf and a pan of rolls as the author suggests.

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