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Naturally Leavened Bomboloni (Doughnuts)


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14th January 2021


This dough is lovely - silky smooth, shiny and supple. The finished product is delicious - airy and light with just the tiniest hint of "sourdough" flavor". My problem came somewhere in between - I don't think I got my dough balls tight enough when shaping, so my doughnuts were decidedly not pretty! And because of the stickiness of the dough they were difficult to transfer from baking sheet to oil. I resigned myself to ugly donut blobs and enjoyed thoroughly! I glazed with plain oil powdered sugar/milk glaze. Very tasty! The best (and most dangerous) part was I somehow didn't feel post-donut disgusting after eating them! A half recipe made 9 large donuts.
This was a three day recipe for me (I wanted them for breakfast) but certainly not complicated.
Update: I air fried some of these and they were great but definitely more like a roll - still delicious for a breakfast sandwich.

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