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Super Soft Sourdough Rolls reviewed by jenncc

25th November 2022

I think I may have actually preferred these the next day after baking. The outer part of the roll was just the slightest bit tough on baking day but softened up a by the next day. This could be because I stored them in a plastic bag. Anyway these are...
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Naturally Leavened Bomboloni (Doughnuts) reviewed by jenncc

14th January 2021

This dough is lovely - silky smooth, shiny and supple. The finished product is delicious - airy and light with just the tiniest hint of "sourdough" flavor". My problem came somewhere in between - I don't think I got my dough balls tight enough when...
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Sourdough Pancakes reviewed by jenncc

19th October 2020

These are terrific! Maybe the best sourdough pancakes I have tried, though it does require more time and ingredients than some, I think these are worth it. I used regular (thick) yogurt with no ill effects.
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Pain de Mie (sourdough) reviewed by jenncc

2nd April 2020

Not sure how to rate this - the dough itself smelled great, even tasted great, my starter was ripe and ready, \ but somehow my dough went from a beautiful, supple ball to a weird, sticky puddle. It did not look overproofed but I'm guessing that was most...
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