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Naturally Leavened Bomboloni (Doughnuts) reviewed by jenncc

14th January 2021

This dough is lovely - silky smooth, shiny and supple. The finished product is delicious - airy and light with just the tiniest hint of "sourdough" flavor". My problem came somewhere in between - I don't think I got my dough balls tight enough when...
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Sourdough Pancakes reviewed by jenncc

19th October 2020

These are terrific! Maybe the best sourdough pancakes I have tried, though it does require more time and ingredients than some, I think these are worth it. I used regular (thick) yogurt with no ill effects.
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Pain de Mie (sourdough) reviewed by jenncc

2nd April 2020

Not sure how to rate this - the dough itself smelled great, even tasted great, my starter was ripe and ready, \ but somehow my dough went from a beautiful, supple ball to a weird, sticky puddle. It did not look overproofed but I'm guessing that was most...
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My Best Sourdough reviewed by jenncc

28th October 2016

His "Best Sourdough" was my worst sourdough. HOWEVER, it was still tasty and there is lots of potential. My errors may be due to my inexperience. I have made several of the Tartine Breads with great success and in fact using this website as a guide....
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