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Moist Vanilla Cake


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26th June 2022


Truly delicious! Wonderful texture and taste- moist, fluffy, fine crumb, great vanilla flavor! I was slightly confused when referring to her cake/frosting calculator - it says 12 cups batter is needed for 3- 8 inch pans/3 layer 8 inch cake. The recipe headnote states this recipe only makes 8 cups, even tho all the pics show 3 layers and the instructions call for greasing 3 pans, and if you read deep enough into the reviews you will see she talks about this recipe, unaltered, should fit 3 - 6 inch pans. Because my pans were 8 inch , plus I needed 12 cupcakes, I planned on making this recipe twice (doubling was not recommended) - once using 2 - 8 inch pans, and second round using 1 -8 inch and a standard cupcake pan. Well, my first round almost spilled over! This was a lot of batter for 2 - 8 inch (2 inch deep pans)! In the end it was fine - I just had very thick cake layers. And as for the cupcakes I think her recipe for cupcakes (Moist and fluffy vanilla cupcakes) is better than using this recipe for c.cakes. Long story short, this recipe makes enough for 3 - 8 inch pans (no need to double). Now I know, and I will def use this recipe again!
I frosted with the Easy Chocolate Buttercream frosting from the same site.

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