Edna Lewis White Pound Cake


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29th May 2023


I had a surplus of egg whites after making ice cream and settled on this simple recipe. The batter was very thick and folding the egg gently took some finessing. I did end up adding a few tablespoons extra milk. The consistency made me think perhaps the original recipe had called for cake flour? In the end this came out nicely, not dense and lightly almond flavored. The recipe states 2/3 cup whites from 4-5 eggs - I used 5. I made this as a bundt and had to cook a few minutes longer. This recipe is pretty "bare bones" - does not specify how to prep the pan or how the batter should look, and again, perhaps the original intended for cake flour to be used. I buttered and lightly floured my pan and it still had a few small chunks left behind when I inverted it.

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