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American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza

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Crushed Tomato Sauce 1
Neo-Neapolitan Pizza Dough 2
White Sauce 1
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Neo-Neapolitan Pizza Dough reviewed by skdouglass

7th June 2010

I've used the dough fresh and after 6 weeks in the freezer. It is tasty, extensible, and well-behaved. It is currently my go-to pizza dough. It is too crusty to fare well in my monkey bread-type adaptation, but used as intended it is outstanding.
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White Sauce reviewed by andrew

7th February 2009

This makes a very rich and creamy sauce, perfect to use as a base for sauteed mushrooms. It can be a bit too rich, almost - depends on your feeling about heavy cream! Over time, we've reduced the cream and used onions which have been cooked more slowly...
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Sweet-and-Sour Onion Marmalade reviewed by andrew

7th February 2009

I'm not sure why this isn't simply named caramelized onions, as it's a fairly straightforward recipe for them, but nevertheless it's a good one, and one of our favourite pizza bases - we use this instead of sauce sometimes.
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Crushed Tomato Sauce reviewed by andrew

7th February 2009

In the past, I've used pizza sauce from jars, pasta sauce, whatever was tomato-based and lying around, sometimes a bit of BBQ sauce. I repent now - please forgive me, everyone to whom I fed pizza in the past. This sauce is perfect - it's not cooked...
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