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Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

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Sweet Potato Supper reviewed by Sovay

4th June 2014

Excellent and dead easy though I do have an issue with the oven time and temperature - if I roasted asparagus tips at 220F for an hour (as per this recipe) what I would get is little bundles of charred fibres. I've noticed before, and not just in Nigella's...
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Peanut butter hummus reviewed by digifish_books

5th July 2013

Not being a fan of raw garlic, and not having any roasted garlic on hand I added a little onion powder to the mixture and was pleased with the result. Also, I used crunchy instead of smooth peanut butter and additional chopped peanuts.
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My mother's praised chicken reviewed by redjanet

13th January 2013

This is a really nice dish for a Sunday lunch. Warm and hearty and it smells wonderful while cooking - just like my grandmother's chicken soup! I followed the basic recipe as this was my first time making this, but may try following one of Nigella's variations...
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Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake reviewed by redjanet

25th November 2012

This is a must make for any fans of the chocolate and peanut butter combination. Easy and makes a wonderful, rich and impressive dessert for a big gathering.
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