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Antonio Carluccio Cooks Pasta (TV Cooks)

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Linguine with Tuna Fish Sauce 1
Tagliatelle with Chicken Livers 1
Orecchioni with Piquant Sauce 1
Chocolate Pasta 1
Maltagliati with Aubergine Sauce 1

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Maltagliati with Aubergine Sauce reviewed by kaye16

29th September 2014

I've read several places lately about maltagliati, so decided to make something with it. It's a nice pasta for some uses. I rolled mine by machine, rather than by hand. Suspect that it would have been sufficient to roll to 5, rather than 6. It was good,...
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Orecchioni with Piquant Sauce reviewed by kaye16

2nd July 2014

A nice pasta dish, quite easy to assemble. - The recipe calls for orecchioni, big orecchiette, but the picture seems to show big shells, conchiglioni. I've never seen orecchioni, but did find pennoni (big penne) which worked fine. - I used oven-dried...
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Linguine with Tuna Fish Sauce reviewed by kaye16

2nd February 2013

Unexpectedly very good. Also very easy and very quick. I made a half recipe, using a cup of tomato purée that I froze last summer. I bet you could use red pepper flakes instead of a real chili. I found the addition of ginger (slices) surprising, but...
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Tagliatelle with Chicken Livers reviewed by kaye16

1st March 2012

Chicken livers are not my favorite food, I must say, but DH likes them, so I try occasionally. This one is quite good. A half recipe was a quite nice dinner for two. Chicken livers are so cheap, this has to be one of the cheapest meals you could make....
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