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Good Mood Food: Simple Healthy Homecooking

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Goat's cheese and broccoli pasta reviewed by redjanet

18th June 2012

This was surprisingly good and used only a few ingredients, making this a good midweek fairly heathy meal. I used asparagus instead of broccoli, as suggested, and boiled it in the same pan as the pasta (for the last five minutes) instead of steaming...
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Herby roast chicken reviewed by redjanet

14th August 2011

I just made this for Sunday lunch and it was a very tasty way to serve chicken. You simply make a paste of garlic, thyme, basil, parsley and olive oil and spread it all over the bird (and under the skin of the breast), while also stuffing the cavity with...
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Cajun salmon reviewed by redjanet

8th August 2011

This was a quick and tasty way to grill salmon for a weeknight dinner. I thought the blend of spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper and black pepper that I dredged the fish in might be too spicy for my tastes...
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