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Recent Reviews

Thai Shrimp Curry reviewed by kaye16

2nd March 2012

It's probably stretching it a bit to call this Thai; it's more an interpretation of Thai, seen through a US lens. But not bad. I made a half recipe for the two of us, using about 175g of frozen, cooked shrimp. This was probably a bit less that called...
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Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemon and Walnuts reviewed by kaye16

13th January 2012

My first recipe from the Tagine chapter, and it was a hit. These are nice dishes because they simmer along relatively unattended for a long time and the length of time isn't critical. I had about 900g (~2#) of whole chicken legs, skinned and boned them...
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Noodles with a Carrot Curry Cream Sauce reviewed by kaye16

7th September 2011

Another recipe from the chapter on pasta in cream sauces. I served the sauce over linguine; spaghetti might be better. Flavors interesting, a little odd. Our first reaction was a bit doubtful, but it grew on us. We're thinking it's the vermouth that...
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Penne à la Vodka reviewed by kaye16

2nd September 2011

Another winner from the page of "Recipes for Pasta in Cream Sauces". :-) - Didn't use use penne (used a pasta I don't know the name for, kind of a mini curly-edged lasagna that's a household favorite right now), used dried herbs instead of fresh. Used...
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