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Frugal Gourmet

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Mushrooms steamed in custard reviewed by wester

3rd October 2013

The flavors where very nice, but the mixture curdled so the structure was not nice at all. The recipe didn't say antything about whether to stir, and how much. Maybe continuous stirring would have helped.
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Sauerkraut soup reviewed by wester

15th June 2013

The children were watching la soupe aux choux, and so they wanted to eat cabbage soup. I still had a package of sauerkraut somewhere, so I made this. As said in the book, peasant food, but very good. Tasty and filling, and the kind of taste that touches...
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Baked fish in vinegar sauce reviewed by wester

17th September 2012

A great way to give a lift to whitefish fillets. The vinegar and the sweet onions work together wonderfully. However, the cooking time was way off. I thought 45 minutes was a bit long so I checked after 25 minutes. The fish was already overcooked then....
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Pork chops with fennel reviewed by wester

20th April 2012

Nice everyday food. The fennel seeds taste quite a bit like anise here, more so than when dry-roasted.
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